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Tree Of Light

Bronze with hand blown glass oil burners. 257h x 117w x 106d cms (8’5″h x 3’10″w x 3’5″d) This was a unique private commission for a client who had seen Mark Reed’s Candletree Sculpture at Chelsea Flower Show several years ago. The client asked Mark to create a tree sculpture with living flames for their… Read more »

Skeleton Leaf Gates

Bronze. Large set of Skeleton Leaf gates, spanning a total width of 470cm,/ 15’5″ with a maximum height of 295cm./ 9’8″. Single pedestrian entrance skeleton leaf gate 265cm/ 8’8″ high x 120cm/ 3’11” wide . Mark Reed’s  stunning sculptural Skeleton Leaf Gates in bronze were commissioned in 2007 by Sir Roger and Mrs De Hann… Read more »

‘Arbour Metallum’ Tree Sculpture

Forged steel, stainless steel and bronze. 300h x 450w x 300d cms (9’10” h x 14’9″w x 9’10″d) Mark Reed was recently commissioned to sculpt the piece for a hospital in the UK and the sculpture in forged steel, stainless steel and bronze can be found in public and private collections worldwide. He has recently… Read more »

Spoon Bench

Stainless steel (with steel angle iron base buried within the ground.) Edition 7/20 49h x 199w x 40d cms (1’7″h x 6’6″w x 1’3″ d) Whilst Mark Reed was feeding his baby, the unassuming spoon suddenly became massively significant, as a means of giving sustenance and independence. The same tool can be alienating as well… Read more »


4 MAN Bronze Limited Edition of 12. Edition 9/12 140h x 37w x 56d cms (4’7″ x 1’2″ x 1’10”) Reed’s bronze 4 MAN sculpture references cubist abstract sculpture style. The bronze facial profile is gold plated on the high points to accentuate the sharp edges of the sculpture and the tangible piece interacts with… Read more »

Family tree 

Bronze with silver veining and unique nibbled edge glass. 370h x 140w cms Mark Reed’s Family Tree bronze and silver sculpture was a bespoke private commission for a client in the Middle East for their palatial private home. The client wanted to capture the essence of the family in a bronze and silver sculpture and incorporate… Read more »

‘Ammonite Slice’ Outside

Bronze Limited edition of 11. 87h x 84w x 15d cms (2’10″h x 2’9″ w x 5″ d ) Mark Reed is intrigued by the mechanics of natural forms and the way they contribute to the aesthetic appearance of a plant or animal. Reed is fascinated by the juxtaposition of the alien and yet familiar, the… Read more »

Ammonite Absolute

Bronze and gold. Limited Edition of 12 87h x 84w x 30d cms (2’10″h x 2’9″w x 12″d)  The depiction of things natural is intimately connected with the most ancient forms of human mark making and the fascinating Golden Ratio so evident in the Ammonite informed Mark Reed’s ‘Ammonite Absolute’ bronze sculpture. The gold plated surface… Read more »


Stainless Steel Limited Edition of 20 . Edition 13/20. Bronze Limited Edition of 20. Edition 5/20. “Salvation” is both a teardrop, where tears are the overflow for raging internal emotions and a droplet of rain or dew which is vital for the existence of life. Mark Reed’s ‘Salvation’ sculpture works beautifully when rising from a… Read more »