Limited Edition of 12.
Edition 9/12

140h x 37w x 56d cms
(4’7″ x 1’2″ x 1’10”)

Mark Reed was inspired to sculpt 4MAN after overhearing  :
“There are more people employed in call centres in Britain today than in mining, shipbuilding and steel working combined” – Today Programme Radio 4

4 MAN Sculpture abstract bronze sculpture contemporary British sculpture cubist sculpture sculpture beiruit sculpture dubai gallery sculpture specifier sculpture by Mark Reed

4 MAN sculpture bronze sculpture public sculpture garden sculpture specifier sculpture cubist sculpture by Mark Reed_edited-1

4 MAN sculpture bronze figurative sculpture UAE Sculpture Saudi Sculpture  specifier sculpture garden sculpture corporate sculpture by Mark Reed

4MAN Sculpture bronze contemporary British sculpture figurative sculpture industrial inspired public sculpture  East Coast Sculpture by Mark Reed

4 MAN Bronze russian sculpture canadian sculpture hamptons sculpture public sculpture monumental sculpture by Mark Reed

4 MAN sculpture bronze sculpture american sculpture canadian sculpture outdoor sculpture garden sculpture Russian sculpture ice sculpture by Mark Reed

4MAN sculpture contemporary bronze sculpture cubist insired sculpture west coast sculpture  Chicago sculpture figurative sculpture Decorex by Mark Reed

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