Limited Edition of 12.
Edition 9/12

140h x 37w x 56d cms
(4’7″ x 1’2″ x 1’10”)

Reed’s bronze 4 MAN sculpture references cubist abstract sculpture style. The bronze facial profile is gold plated on the high points to accentuate the sharp edges of the sculpture and the tangible piece interacts with the intangible fleeting shadow sculpture.

The sanctity of light and the sun is a constant theme in spiritual art and architecture of the ancients, Mark Reed was inspired to sculpt the piece after hearing that “there are more people employed in call centres in Britain today than in mining, shipbuilding and steel working combined – Today Programme BBC Radio 4.


The use of bronze as a material and the creation of shadow was a deliberate allusion to the sun worshipping cultures who felt that the sun had an immortal power over human mortality, with light having a materiality connecting them to an unknown field. The industrial angular facial outline signifies the essence of the silent masses, unknown and unnamed, toiling in Blake’s “dark satanic mills” , profiles illuminated by the industrial light of flame and fire. 

Shadows of the transitory humans who created structures evidencing their existence.

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