Tree of Light

Bronze with hand blown glass oil burners.

257h x 117w x 106d cms

(8’5″h x 3’10″w x 3’5″d)

This was a unique private commission for a client who had seen Mark Reed’s Candletree Sculpture at Chelsea Flower Show several years ago.

The client asked Mark to create a tree sculpture with living flames for their family home.  After time and discussion with the client Mark was moved to design the Tree of Light, working from the original concept of the Candletree Sculpture but sculpting a piece that would would have special meaning to the client and capture the essence of her family.

“Family are fundamental to everything, my character and my art. In this piece I loved expressing the feeling and emotion about their family that the client had revealed to me. So the roots form the members of the family and the vine is made to represent the husband and father embracing the family, his love has enriched them and helped them to grow. It is a tree of joy, as the tree is in bud- blossoming into the future, the flames a flock of birds bursting into flight. I incorporated the secret drawer into the piece for the family’s keepsakes, holding memories past and yet to be created as a concealed and unexpected surprise for them.”

The Tree of Light is created in lost wax cast bronze with exceptional detail, the high points polished to contrast with the deeper, chestnut bronze of the trunk. The tree is completed with 10 meticulously hand blown glass oil burners and additional chimneys for outdoor use. The secret drawer is created in bronze with silver plating and is concealed in a knot within the trunk.

Mark Reed’s Tree of Light bronze tree sculpture creates an enchanting and magical presence alive with light in the client’s home and he delighted in sculpting it.

Mark has just completed an evolution of the Tree of Life as a private commission for a luxury interior design project in Qatar.

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