‘Sidney’s Oak’ Table

Bronze and glass. Also available in gold plated bronze.
74h x 244w x 122d cms.
(2’5″h x 8’w x 4’d)
12mm/ 15/32″ toughened glass
Hand-blown glass oil burners

Reed’s unique ‘Sidney’s Oak’ tree table was inspired by Jacob Strutt’s 1822 drawing of ‘Sidney’s Oak’, an ancient tree dating from Medieval times and a favourite of Sir Philip Sidney, Elizabethan war hero and poet from Penshurst Place near London, England.  In the drawing the tree is already hollow and stag headed which gave Mark the inspiration to bring the branches up through the glass, the bronze ‘Sidney’s Oak’ tree table was first exhibited at RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

The stunning statement tree dining table is lit from within the trunk with low voltage electrical light which emanates through the branches, the lights are also hidden within the branches and down light to accentuate the bronze branches.  Then the centrepiece dining table is enhanced by hand blown oil burners glowing within the canopy of the tree. The ‘Sidney’s Oak’ exquisite sculptural tree table draws the eye making a distinct statement. and the high points shimmer and glow with the internal LED lighting, creating soft & subtle light for a most unique dining experience. The warm, chestnuts and golds in the bronze of the are contrasted and complemented by the integral lighting, the meticulously crafted table gives and elegance and grace to the aesthetic whole of the interior environment. 

The idiosyncratic Bronze ‘Sidney’s Oak’ Table is a stunning work of art that forms a a timeless piece of sculptural furniture, enchanting in the exquisite home of a discerning private client or contemporary hospitality interior and equally at home in a formal garden, loving- crafted roof garden or bountiful country garden. 

Sculpture and furniture making concerns the relationship of the human being to his natural surroundings and creating an aesthetic expression is a process which requires engagement with place, an understanding of the place, and a brilliant relationship with the client, architects and interior designers. 

Mark Reed’s tree tables can be made bespoke to client specification.

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