Candletree Sculpture

219h x 115w x 85l (of tray base) x 112l (of tray base)
(7’2″ x 3’6″ x 2’9″ x 3’8″)

Forged Steel Candeltree sculpture unique candleholder sculptural artistic candelstick metal tree by Mark ReedArtist’s Statement

I was brought up on a farm in rural Norfolk and through my experience with pruning and tending trees, I not only loved them but appreciated the way they moved and the intricacies of their growth.

A reverence for trees, and even tree worship, is widespread throughout the world, with many traditions telling of a tree of life. The Scandinavian tradition had Yggdrasil, the evergreen ash which in its mythological form represents the entire world, the Buddhists have the Bodhi tree. Christ is sometimes shown crucified on the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, symbolising a state of Redemption and Muslims kneel on carpets embroidered with the tree of life when praying. The Celts awarded honour to both trees of all kinds and blacksmithing, (deeming this along with healing and poetry to be the most prestigious professions in Celtic society).

Earth, Fire, Wind and Water 
The tree of life was the inspiration for my Candltee Sculpture, the roots reach downwards towards the Earth from where the steel originates, then Fire is used both to smelt the ore and heat each piece of steel in the forge before I draw it out in the anvil to a fine taper to make every branch. The trunk is the pillar linking heaven and earth and the brances reach up towards the sun, represented by the candles. The dripped wax represents Water, with icicles of wax, their constant shift and change representing the changing seasons. When lit the motion of the flickering flames bring the tree of life, creating shadows of dancing branches, like a canopy in the Wind.

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