‘Ammonite Slice’ Outside

Limited edition of 11.
87h x 84w x 15d cms
(2’10″h x 2’9″ w x 5″ d )

Mark Reed is intrigued by the mechanics of natural forms and the way they contribute to the aesthetic appearance of a plant or animal. Reed is fascinated by the juxtaposition of the alien and yet familiar, the alliance of science and nature, so the fractal spiral occurs in his bronze ‘Ammonite Slice’ Sculpture and this mathematical form, the Golden Ratio is found from the ancient ammonite fossil to the tips of the unfurling fern.

Ammonite slice outside bronze garden sculpture organic form sculpture inspired by ammonite fossil by Mark Reed

Ammonite slice outside bronze sculpture contemporary british metal sculpture inspired by geology ammonite fossil natural history museum

The dramatic solid bronze ‘Ammonite Slice’ Outside sculpture creates reflective surfaces on its organic form, reflecting the surroundings and drawing the viewer in. This elemental shell-like sculpture is particularly enchanting in palatial private houses by the sea, luxury spas or as sculpture for yacht interiors.
The figurative ‘Ammonite Slice’ is a dramatic monumental centrepiece sculpture in a private house or contemporary hotel, it draws the eye and frames a hedge in a landscaped garden, among the lilting flowers in a cottage garden or as a focal point on a terrace in an urban garden.  It can also be scaled up to form a monumental sculpture.

Ammonite slice outside bronze contemporary british sculpture in walled garden landscape by Mark ReedAmmonite outside bronze sculpture wildflower meadow inspired by geology ammonite fossil landscape garden sculpture by Mark ReedAmmonite slice outside bronze sculpture contemporary british sculpture ammonite fossil in corporate office by Mark Reed

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