Fork Seesaw

Primary School, Norfolk, England.

Fork seesaw bespoke recycled alumininum sculpture primary elementary school by British artist sculptor Mark Reed unique garden play apparatus

Reed regularly uses recycled materials where possible, for example for a Fork Seesaw, which he designed as a bespoke Sculpture  as part of the Creative Partnership Initiative in a local primary school. Mark worked with the children on concept and design and used wholly recycled Aluminium, (which we showed the children as engine parts) before he melted it down and recast it as the Seesaw. He had to use careful consideration of the mechanism and workings for the children in the playground, and this is the favourite playground apparatus.

fork seesaw bespoke recycled aluminum sculpture for elementary primary school  unique play apparatus by Mark Reedfork seesaw bespoke commission for play park aluminum garden sculpture by Mark Reed

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